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"Quality Canvas Work and Sailmaking for 39 Years!"

Hurricane Canvas is a full service Neil Pryde sail loft.
For further information, please contact Robert Mew at either nptoronto@neilprydesails.com, or at (416) 466-7000.

We build all Neil Pryde Sails to your specs from American Sailcloth. Fast, easy to trim shapes for Racers and maximum durability for Cruisers. We employ the latest proven technology, give a 2 year warranty on every sail and take a personal interest in every customer. Neil Pryde Sails is an International Company, ISO 9002 certified with a well deserved reputation for quality.

What makes us different?

Would you like to spend relaxed time with the Sailmaker on your boat to discuss your options? How about that sailmaker going out on your boat to ensure you are getting the best from your new sails. Would you like two free annual inspections with your two year warranty? Are you tempted by a quick appraisal of the condition of your rigging and other sailing equipment?

With Neil Pryde sails, you値l get exactly what you ask for. Choose the features that are important to you and we値l tailor make the sail to your specifications. We don稚 make sails for inventory, so what you get is the latest thinking and technology. Ask to see a sample of our quality and let us explain what the warranty really means.

Price shouldn稚 be the only consideration. Take the long term view and get the very best you can afford because it will pay off in the long run. Your boat will look better, handle better and be more fun to sail.

For the cruiser, a wide range of options cover Day-Sailing to Long-Term Blue-Water-Sailing. Our uncompromising attention to detail is your guarantee that the sails will live up to your expectations and that they値l look terrific too. Big boat or smaller one, let's meet on the dock or at the loft, select the sail cloth and options you need and we値l design the best quality sails you can find.

If you are a Racer, we can do our part towards keeping you at the front of the fleet. Whether you want the durability of Dacron or the ultimate in Kevlar Mylar Laminates - we have the materials and the designs you need. With the experience of the whole Neil Pryde network to draw from you値l know your sails are fast and competitively priced.

For the Day Sailor, we produce a range of products tailored to a more modest budget. The same High Tech. designs adapted to less demanding sailing conditions. You get the same high standards as everyone else, the same service and the same warranty. Let us show you what we can do.

Robert Mew
Hurricane Canvas & Sails